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Bizarre Beat

Bizarre Beat

Bizarre Beat

The Bizarre Beat topic gives police officers a place to get news articles of the weird, including the naked protesters, drunks in clown costumes, and all other oddball encounters cops have on the street on a daily basis. The job is deadly serious, but there are dozens of calls for service that leave the responding officers shaking their heads and laughing as they get back into their squads.
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Ohio man calls cops to complain he got too high on marijuana

Officers found the man curled in a fetal position on the floor, groaning and surrounded by snacks - Full Story


Ind. woman stops intruder with medieval combat skills, sword

An Indiana woman says her training in medieval combat helped her corner a home intruder - Full Story


Police Limit Comic: October 11, 2015 Garey McKee - Police Limit Comic Strip

Police Limit Comic: October 11, 2015

Police Limit Comic is published on PoliceOne every Sunday. For more than a decade, the strip's ca... - Full Story


Video: NC woman drives in circles, rams into cruiser, crashes down hill

The woman crashed into a police cruiser during a bizarre incident captured on witness video - Full Story


Woman found inside portable toilet gets arrested on Ore. warrants

A construction worker told police he had lifted the lid of a port-a-potty and been surprised to see suspect inside - Full Story


Video: Drunk Conn. college student throws fit over mac and cheese, gets arrested

The student threw a fit when the manager would not let him buy macaroni and cheese due to an open alcohol container - Full Story


Officers rescue Ky. man from 125-pound python

One of the responding officers knew to uncurl the snake by grabbing its head - Full Story


Trending Topics: When cops make a bust undercover

By PoliceOne Staff Cops have donned some pretty clever disguises in order to nab lawbreakers. From a... - Full Story

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