Video: Police chase horse on highway

Two police cars followed the horse and unsuccessfully tried to box it in

By Melissa Reid
Fox News 8

NORTH LAWRENCE, Ohio — It was a regular patrol Saturday for Lawrence Twp. Police Officer David Brown.

"We got a call of a loose horse running along Route 21. Myself and Officer Boyles responded to that area," said Officer Brown.

Upon arrival, police found an Arabian horse named Java, 7, who had escaped a local farm while in the process of being moved to another farm.

Java was weaving in and out of oncoming traffic. The horse was also jumping from the road into the median.

"Being that it's an animal, we have no way to predict what it is going to do or which way it is going to run. If it runs into a car, and strikes it, people could be seriously hurt," added Officer Brown.

Police closed down Route 21 as a precaution. Two police cars followed Java and unsuccessfully tried to box the horse in.

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