Video: Topless woman in G-string arrested after chase

Officers ended the 128 mph-chase with stop sticks


BAINBRIDGE, Ohio — Allegedly under the influence, over the speed limit, and half-naked.

Dash cam video shows what Ohio police found behind the wheel of a car that was being driven by 28 year-old Erin Holdsworth of Hiram in early October.

"He clocked the vehicle going 110 miles per hour, eastbound on 422, the pursuit started when the driver would not stop for signals," Bainbridge Chief of Police Jon Bokovitz.

After reaching speeds of 128 miles per hour, officers used stop sticks to puncture the car's tires, bringing the chase to an end.

When the officers stopped the car, Holdsworth got out topless, wearing only tennis shoes and a g-string,

"In 26 years of working in Bainbridge Township as a police officer I don't ever recall having a subject in a such a state of undress and driving," said Bokovitz.

With dash cam rolling Holdsworth was handcuffed and placed into a cruiser. Police say she became extremely combative and repeatedly kicked the cruiser's back window.

On Wednesday, Holdsworth made her initial appearance in Chardon Municipal Court where she faces several charges including driving with a suspended license, speeding, and criminal damaging.

"It's just one of those things being a policeman you never know what you'll see sometimes, and this is one of those times," said Bokovitz.

Reprinted with permission from MyFoxDC

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