Video: Md. police capture alligator

Concerned neighbors called police after noticing the reptile

My Fox DC

FRUITLAND, Md. — Authorities captured an alligator who was found hanging out at a nearby retention pond in Fruitland, Maryland.

Paige Dorsey and construction workers were just a few of the concerned neighbors, both calling the police after noticing the reptile on Wednesday afternoon.

Janet Bennett, of Bennett Construction, told WBOC, that she was initially concerned about the alligator because of how close it was to their facility.

"We got a lot of employees here at this processing facility and we got a couple animals here also," said Janet's husband, Dave Bennett. "So, we're just trying to watch out."

Fruitland Police Chief Michael Phillips responded to the scene and used a stick to grab the reptile and pull it in, while the Department of Natural Resources helped secure and tie down the alligator.

Associate wildlife director of the natural resources department, Jonathan McKnight, believes that the alligator was probably someone's pet that either escaped or was let go.

An animal control officer said efforts will be made to find a home for the alligator.

Reprinted with permission from My Fox DC

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