Video: Homeless former gang leader saves cop

The homeless man ran to the scene to pull the suspect off of the officer without time to think

By PoliceOne Staff 

DALLAS — A homeless former Crip gang leader is being praised for his fast actions, after body slamming a man who was set to attack a Dallas police officer. 

Video shows Officer Billy Taylor backing away from fast-approaching Samuel Jackson, who was allegedly high on PCP, and had previously attacked several other bystanders. 

Charles Alexander, 45, who was watching the event from outside a nearby homeless shelter, then ran to the scene and pulled the suspect off of Taylor. He then body-slammed the suspect just as two squad cars arrived at the scene.

“"I knew there was something I had to do," Alexander told CBS 11."The officer had his baton out but it wasn't doing any good. I mean, this guy was really PC'd out."

Taylor is on medical leave, recovering from dislocated fingers and other injuries.

City Council member Dwaine Caraway told CBS 11 that he will make sure Alexander is rewarded for his actions, and the Dallas Police Department will award him a letter of merit.

Jackson was charged with assault of a public servant.

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