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Bizarre Beat

Bizarre Beat

The Bizarre Beat topic gives police officers a place to get news articles of the weird, including the naked protesters, drunks in clown costumes, and all other oddball encounters cops have on the street on a daily basis. The job is deadly serious, but there are dozens of calls for service that leave the responding officers shaking their heads and laughing as they get back into their squads.
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Photo: NC cop’s infant son ‘swears in’ at father’s ceremony

Viral photo shows what appears to be a baby, along with his father, being sworn into a police department - Full Story


Conn. cop injured after woman hurls used tampon

Officer was attempting to stop her and her partner from engaging in public sex - Full Story


Video: Elderly woman in scooter chair gets 6 mph police escort home

When the woman got lost on her way home, police escorted her back - Full Story


Police Limit Comic: June 14, 2015 Garey McKee - Police Limit Comic Strip

Police Limit Comic: June 14, 2015

Police Limit Comic is published on PoliceOne every Sunday. For more than a decade, the strip's ca... - Full Story


Fla. woman reports drug deal rip-off, gets charged

Fla. woman reports drug deal rip-off, gets charged

Authorities say a South Florida woman who called 911 to report that she was getting stiffed in a drug deal ended up reporting on herself - Full Story


Fla. man calls 911 to brag about muscles, threatens to kill cop

Police traced the call and found the man in a tent at a state park - Full Story


'Darth Vader' hit with TASER in Fla.

Michael Cole, 28, was arrested on charges of battery, resisting arrest.


Trending Topics: When 'Star Wars' inspires bizarre police encounters

By PoliceOne Staff The job of a police officer is deadly serious, but there are numerous incidents that... - Full Story

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Police Limit Comic Strip Police Limit Comic Strip
with Garey McKee
Be Advised... Be Advised...
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