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Bizarre Beat

Bizarre Beat

The Bizarre Beat topic gives police officers a place to get news articles of the weird, including the naked protesters, drunks in clown costumes, and all other oddball encounters cops have on the street on a daily basis. The job is deadly serious, but there are dozens of calls for service that leave the responding officers shaking their heads and laughing as they get back into their squads.
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Cops vs. Ninja

This aggressive man, dressed like a ninja, put up a long fight with the cops. "I’m going to get you motherf*ckers," he yelled after he was finally arrested. "You can’t stop me."
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Police Limit Comic: October 31, 2010 Garey McKee - Police Limit Comic Strip

Police Limit Comic: October 31, 2010

Police Limit Comic is a politically-motivated, pro-law enforcement comic strip, topical in its writing and unapologetically blunt - Full Story


Accused Fla. bank robber dropped wallet

The Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office says the 26-year-old robber brandished a handgun at Destin's Union State Bank, but left his wallet. at the scene - Full Story

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Halloween: A fun but frightening night

Halloween: A fun but frightening night

Halloween is a night for kids to go out and have a good time, but with it comes a high potential for danger. Last year’s shooting death in San Francisco is just one example.

It has also become the biggest holiday for drunk driving arrests, which is why many departments are bumping up patrols with checkpoints and blitzes.

- Full Story


P1 Editor Doug Wyllie gets TASER-ed

"I guess this is what happens when you're close personal friends with a lot of the good people at TASER International."


Mass. officers help deliver baby on highway

Trooper John Ciszek took the 911 call, and gave the father instructions on how to help his wife deliver the child even as first responders rushed to the scene - Full Story


Teen in Ga. jail for setting live chicken on fire

The mother turned her son in after seeing the video her son and his friends had posted on YouTube and Facebook - Full Story


Pa. man complained to cops about "nasty" pot

Called 911 to complain about some terrible marijuana he had just purchased - Full Story


Italy cops may regulate the length of mini skirts

A conservative mayor says he wants to restore public decorum - Full Story


'Hiccup girl' charged with murder in Florida

Jennifer Mee and two others are charged with first-degree murder during an attempted robbery - Full Story

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