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Bizarre Beat

Bizarre Beat

The Bizarre Beat topic gives police officers a place to get news articles of the weird, including the naked protesters, drunks in clown costumes, and all other oddball encounters cops have on the street on a daily basis. The job is deadly serious, but there are dozens of calls for service that leave the responding officers shaking their heads and laughing as they get back into their squads.
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Video: Escaped ape attacks squad car

The police captain says efforts to shoot the animal with a tranquilizer dart failed - Full Story


Pa. man hurt kittens, planned to eat them

Chester police arrested the man on charges of cruelty to animals and public drunkenness - Full Story


Cops face off with cowboys in NM shootout

Old-fashioned shooters go up against modern guns - Full Story


Police Limit Comic: October 17, 2010 Garey McKee - Police Limit Comic Strip

Police Limit Comic: October 17, 2010

Police Limit Comic is a politically-motivated, pro-law enforcement comic strip, topical in its writing and unapologetically blunt - Full Story


Mass. man to be charged with toilet paper assault

A man attacked a janitor by throwing toilet paper at his heard because he didn't like him whistling while he worked - Full Story


Cop crashes with 'Transformers' car during filming

Last month, a woman was hit in the head by a piece of flying metal during the shooting of the movie in northwest Indiana - Full Story


Drunk men knock on Pa. station, get arrested

Subdued one man with a TASER when he realized he was being arrested and tried to run - Full Story


NY man arrested after streaking at Obama rally

NY man arrested after streaking at Obama rally

The man was arrested after competing for $1 million to streak in front of Obama with the name of a billionaire's website on his chest - Full Story

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