• Deputy hits cow while searching for cow

    Deputy hits cow while searching for cow

    "I'd have to say this is the first time I've ever had them hit the animal they’re looking for"

  • 'Large quantity' of stolen Whataburger numbers seized by Texas cops

    The "game" has so gotten popular that the police department, at times, has more of the order numbers than Whataburger

  • Suspect sets 2 patrol cars on fire while in custody

    The suspect allegedly set the second vehicle on fire while police were addressing the media

  • Cops: Mom used girl's breath to start car with DUI device

    The woman had her 8-year-old daughter blow into an ignition device shortly before she crashed and was again charged with drunken driving

  • Citizens use hairdryers, traffic vests to combat speeding drivers

    Residents became concerned about speeding drivers, so they took matters into their own hands

  • NYC's 'Hipster Cop' retires from the force

    NYC's 'Hipster Cop' retires from the force

    A NYC police detective known as the "Hipster Cop" for his fashionable wardrobe is letting go of something he's been wearing for 25 years — his badge

  • Video: Ink-faced man running in traffic tells cops 'I am the law'

    Police said Joseph Augustini told officers to remove their guns to give him a "fair fight"

  • Man fleeing Ga. traffic stop fatally struck by off-duty sheriff

    The sheriff and his wife were returning home from an outing when the sheriff's pickup hit the suspect after he jumped a wall into the northbound lanes of I-185

  • Follow that horse: German police track manure to culprit

    Police were able to track down a man responsible for a hit-and-run by following hoof prints and manure left behind by his horse

  • Video: Runaway cow leads police on wild pursuit in NYC

    Police corralled the animal in a backyard in Jamaica, Queens, after a chase that lasted more than an hour

  • Police: Pair killed landlord, lived with her body 2 weeks

    69-year-old Mary Ring was fatally shot after the Super Bowl on Feb. 5

  • Driver busted for using life-size doll in HOV lane

    She doesn't look happy in the photo the trooper took, but she is wearing a seat belt

  • Ala. church asks for its own police department

    Ala. church asks for its own police department

    Officials say it's essentially hiring an officer full-time, as opposed to relying on off-duty officers to assist the church

  • Conn. trooper helps deliver baby over the phone

    As Trooper Chuck Lavoie spoke to the woman's cousin — who wasn't sure of their whereabouts— troopers were using cell towers to try to find their location

  • CHP rescues kangaroos during Oroville Dam evacuation

    Officers were patrolling to see if everyone evacuated when they discovered a kangaroo pair

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