Interdiction isn’t just for drugs anymore

Humans, guns, untaxed cigarettes, kiddie porn, pirated software, and other digital contraband are out on the roads

State, county, and municipal officers throughout the country have been working highway drug interdiction for years, and doing so successfully. As law enforcers we have definitely — and unfortunately — not seen a decrease in the amount of illegal drugs being smuggled into the country, and then being dispersed to their destinations within the United States.

Twenty years ago, just about all the marijuana and cocaine and other contraband drugs were coming from Mexico and South America. Now we’re seeing drugs coming south from Canada as well, with the likes of BC Bud and shipments of Ecstasy. The thought of 10 kilos of methamphetamine on an interdiction stop 15 years ago would have been a joke, but we see it daily now with the mass production of methamphetamine in the “Super Labs” in the Mexican dessert.

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