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Border Patrol

Border Patrol

The Border Patrol topic provides current news and information about ongoing border protection issues and challenges. The Border Patrol, along with hundreds of local agencies under whose jurisdiction that border falls, are responsible for protecting 8,000 miles of U.S. border, not including many thousands of miles of shoreline.
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Calif. moves to grant driver's licenses to illegal immigrants

Supporters of the bill say it is about public safety, while others voiced concerns - Full Story


Driver falls asleep, crashes into Border Patrol checkpoint

The impact knocked a Chevrolet Avalanche pickup onto its side and shoved a Mercedes-Benz sedan into the fence along the freeway's right shoulder - Full Story


Illegal immigrants' 'auxiliary documents' cause confusion for cops Thane Gallagher - Patrolling the Border

Illegal immigrants' 'auxiliary documents' cause confusion for cops

A new market for counterfeit documents has just been born, and the law enforcement officer now must wade through a morass of data in ‘auxiliary documents’ - Full Story


'Show me your papers' upheld by Ga. court

Federal appeals court allows Ga. to enforce key part of immigration law - Full Story


Ex-Border Patrol union head denies fraud

Ex-Border Patrol union head denies fraud

Federal prosecutors say leader diverted funds for personal use - Full Story


Border Patrol to test surveillance balloons

Large, tethered devices called aerostats will take flight to see if they help with border monitoring - Full Story


Immigrants prove big business for prison firms

In 2011, nearly half the beds in the nation's civil detention system were in private facilities, up from just 10 percent a decade ago - Full Story


Study tracks arrests of illegal immigrants

A report by the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service studied the cases of 46,734 illegal immigrants. - Full Story


Drop in apprehensions for immigration violations

At the same time, the number of suspects booked by the U.S. Marshals Service for criminal immigration offenses has gone up dramatically - Full Story

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