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Border Patrol

Border Patrol

The Border Patrol topic provides current news and information about ongoing border protection issues and challenges. The Border Patrol, along with hundreds of local agencies under whose jurisdiction that border falls, are responsible for protecting 8,000 miles of U.S. border, not including many thousands of miles of shoreline.
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July 26, 2011
Border Agent slain for night vision gear

Border Agent slain for night vision gear

One of five charged in the murder of Robert Rosas admitted his motivation was to steal night vision equipment. Firearm, handcuffs too
July 05, 2011
Mexican Zeta leader taken into custody

Mexican Zeta leader taken into custody

Los Zetas, a violent drug gang, seeks to control lucrative smuggling routes into the US. "El Mamito," above, was an original cartel member. (AP Photo)
Kidnapped bodies in mass graves, slain ICE agent
June 13, 2011
Peace caravan hits U.S. soil

Peace caravan hits U.S. soil

Javier Silica asks for government and police accountability in U.S.-Mexico border drug trafficking violence.
(AP Photo)
6-day journey to El Paso

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