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May 28, 2014

Officials demand action on staffing beleaguered Calif. department

Oakland City Council members called on leaders to fully staff the city's department and develop an "action plan" to address low morale - Full Story
May 28, 2014

Gun bill would allow police to seize firearms, prevent purchases

Lawmakers reacted to the Santa Barbara shooting by announcing plans Tuesday for a bill to create a "gun violence restraining order" - Full Story
May 27, 2014

LA officer wounded in fatal shootout

LA County sheriff's deputy was shot Monday during an incident that left one person dead - Full Story
May 22, 2014

Cops hit with bottles while aiding victim shot during police protest

Police and paramedics were trying to help victim when demonstrators threw bottles, bricks, rocks, and other heavy objects at them - Full Story
May 22, 2014
Police: Woman found 10 years after kidnapping

Police: Woman found 10 years after kidnapping

Her mother's ex-boyfriend drugged and kidnapped her in 2004, forced her to marry him and fathered her child - Full Story
May 21, 2014

BART settles lawsuit in Oscar Grant shooting

Officials say five friends who were with Oscar Grant when he was fatally shot have settled a federal lawsuit against the agency - Full Story
May 21, 2014
Video: Armed suspect shot to death by Calif. police

Video: Armed suspect shot to death by Calif. police

Cell phone video capturing a deadly encounter between Salinas officers and a suspect wielding a pair of shears has gone viral - Full Story
May 20, 2014

CHP officer hospitalized after hit-and-run crash

A man in his early 20s was arrested after fleeing the scene of the accident - Full Story
May 14, 2014

Calif. chief: 'Misleading' ad could hurt morale, recruitment

Mailer includes a list of 99 positions in the department with the cost to the city to provide salaries and benefits for the officers - Full Story
May 06, 2014

Calif. measure for nonviolent crime leniency gets big support

Voters will likely get to weigh in on whether Calif. should treat most nonviolent crimes as misdemeanors instead of felonies - Full Story

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