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Chicago's interim chief to officers: Dashcam must be working

Officers face discipline if they don't make sure both the video and the audio of their squad car dashboard cameras are working - Full Story


No sound in Chicago police videos raises more questions

The silence is almost sure to figure into the ongoing federal investigation of the case - Full Story


Chicago wavering on keeping video secret in another fatal police shooting

Details about the other shooting have emerged amid continued fallout over controversial Laquan McDonald case - Full Story


Chicago PD may have to release fatal OIS video from 2014

Police have refused to release the footage, but a judge may order them to do so in response to a public records request - Full Story


Ill. police: Concealed carry license holder kills armed gunman

A customer with a concealed carry license shot and killed an armed man attempting to rob a store - Full Story


Chicago highlights both sides in the gun control debate

Academics have never conclusively proved a causal relationship between tougher gun laws and lower crime rates - Full Story


Main Chicago-area training unit to shut down

North East Multi-Regional Training will be forced to close mid-November if the state doesn't pay its share of the costs - Full Story

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