Video: Swarm of bees attacks Mich. chief

New Baltimore Chief Tim Wiley is allergic to bees

By PoliceOne Staff

NEW BALTIMORE, Mich. — A swarm of bees stung a police chief more than a dozen times when a hive fell on him outside the police station Friday morning.

The volleyball-sized hive fell from a barbecue cover that Chief Tim Wiley, who is allergic to bees, was shaking out in the parking lot, The Oakland Press reported. Surveillance cameras captured Wiley, 34, running for the station while police cadet Nicholas Calandra chased away as many bees as he could.

“It felt like someone had thrown spattered grease all over me," Wiley told the paper. "They were aggressive — they were… in my socks, up my sleeves, it was horrible."

Wiley injected himself with an EpiPen to combat his life-threatening reaction and collapsed on the floor. His secretary called 911, and am ambulance took him to McLaren Macomb hospital, where he was treated for eleven hours and released Saturday.

Medical staff credit Wiley with saving his own life by administering the injection quickly. Wiley said he's thankful he's okay but knowing police officers and their sometimes brutal teasing, expects the jokes to start soon.

"Everyone is being kind to me for the moment," he said. "But I know it’s going to be ugly from now on."

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