Command Staff - Chiefs / Sheriffs

Command Staff - Chiefs / Sheriffs

The Command Staff - Chiefs / Sheriffs topic gives police leadership news and information to help them lead their troops despite shrinking budgets and increasing scrutiny from the public and the media. This topic also gives the patrol officer an avenue to prepare themselves for a rise through the ranks.
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December 01, 2015

Ousted top Chicago police superintendent a cop's cop

It was obvious to anyone who met Garry McCarthy that he loved being an officer - Full Story
December 01, 2015

Fla. police surveillance cameras raise questions on grant spending

Grant money was used to pay for surveillance to reduce drug dealing and 'associated conditions in and around' communities - Full Story
December 01, 2015

LA school police see success in counseling rather than arresting students

Across the nation, campus officers are facing criticism that they're pushing children into a 'school-to-prison pipeline' - Full Story
December 01, 2015
How social media tools can help PDs overcome data overload

How social media tools can help PDs overcome data overload

Incorporating a formal toolset into an agency’s social media program can dramatically help officers sift through data at a very large scale - Full Story
December 01, 2015

More prospective jurors questioned for Freddie Gray trial

The judge asked potential jurors if any of them had not heard about the case, no one responded - Full Story
December 01, 2015

Chicago mayor fires police chief in wake of video release

The city released police video of the shooting only after a judge ordered it to be made public - Full Story
November 30, 2015

NJ officer returns to work after settling pregnancy suit

The officer had been forced to take a leave of absence when she was in her third month of pregnancy - Full Story
November 30, 2015

NY Port Authority police union boss cited for standing near the pope

The defiant officer told the media he was cleared by the Secret Service - Full Story
November 25, 2015

Report: 'Vast majority' of police shootings follow armed assaults

A report by the Washington Post found that in most officer-involved shootings, officers returned fire in self-defense - Full Story

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