Command Staff - Chiefs / Sheriffs

Command Staff - Chiefs / Sheriffs

The Command Staff - Chiefs / Sheriffs topic gives police leadership news and information to help them lead their troops despite shrinking budgets and increasing scrutiny from the public and the media. This topic also gives the patrol officer an avenue to prepare themselves for a rise through the ranks.
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October 02, 2015

Interim Okla. sheriff was asked to investigate leaked 2009 memo

The 2009 memo alleged top officials knew Robert Bates was inadequately trained but pressured other officers to look away - Full Story
October 02, 2015

Mo. police urged to strengthen crowd control tactics

The report found that county police failed to anticipate the extent of the anger officers would face - Full Story
October 02, 2015

LAPD defends officers who purchased discounted guns

The Firearms and Tactics Section officers privately bought the discounted guns so they could become more familiar with them - Full Story
October 01, 2015

New Mich. law allows drivers to show insurance on phone

Lawmakers predicted insurance fraud will drop because it is harder to falsify insurance papers electronically - Full Story
October 01, 2015

Lawmakers voice support for Texas chief's 'In God We Trust' decals

The department put decals on their patrol vehicles and sparked complaints from the Freedom From Religion Foundation - Full Story
October 01, 2015

Chief's retirement highlights issues with Ill. pension legislation

Retiring and accepting a pension from while taking another public sector job is legal, but costs the taxpayers - Full Story
October 01, 2015

Report finds NY Police Department never defined 'excessive force'

The department will not start to document every physical encounter officers have with the public - Full Story
October 01, 2015
Officials: Ill. officer shot with own gun, signs of struggle

Officials: Ill. officer shot with own gun, signs of struggle

Despite a massive manhunt, police have not made any arrests or identified any suspects - Full Story
October 01, 2015

Police chief: LA looks 'too much like Dodge City'

Gang crime is up more than 15 percent this year compared with 2014 - Full Story
September 30, 2015

Lawyer: Okla. sheriff to resign in wake of indictment by grand jury

The grand jury was seated to investigate after volunteer deputy Robert Bates fatally shot an unarmed man in April - Full Story

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