Command Staff - Chiefs / Sheriffs

Command Staff - Chiefs / Sheriffs

The Command Staff - Chiefs / Sheriffs topic gives police leadership news and information to help them lead their troops despite shrinking budgets and increasing scrutiny from the public and the media. This topic also gives the patrol officer an avenue to prepare themselves for a rise through the ranks.
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January 26, 2016

Firefighters investigated for false accusation against Ga. cop

A fire captain and fire department employee recanted their report about a rude officer after body cam video was shown - Full Story
January 26, 2016

Panhandlers take on 1 of nation's largest sheriff's offices

City ordinance prohibits aggressive panhandling tactics - Full Story
January 26, 2016

Mass. chief on heroin addiction: 'There is recovery, you deserve it'

The chief wrote on Facebook to let community members know they are 'worth it' - Full Story
January 26, 2016

Ex-chief who called criminals 'mopes' convicted of 4 charges

Two of the charges related to physical restraint of an officer despite her objections - Full Story
January 25, 2016

How the sheriff's oversight will be different from LA's Police Commission

The sheriff is an elected official who has the sole responsibility to operate the department - Full Story
January 24, 2016

Philly's former police chief to advise Chicago force

Former deputy superintendent of the Chicago Police is returning to help reform a force that's trying to regain public trust - Full Story
January 23, 2016

Uber to resume chopper flights despite Utah sheriff's order

Uber and the helicopter companies say they tried to work with local authorities - Full Story
January 20, 2016

Baltimore to pay $60K settlement to woman who recorded arrest

The woman sued the department after claiming police deleted a video of a 2014 arrest - Full Story
January 19, 2016

Chicago police chief applicants asked about code of silence

Police Board President that the 39 applicants for the superintendent job will be asked for 'creative solutions' - Full Story
January 19, 2016

Wis. sheriff responds to 'Making a Murderer' filmmakers

The sheriff said they did a 'real disservice' to law enforcement - Full Story

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