P1 First Person: Does your DT program pass the 'Pavement Test'?

By Detective Jeff Paynter
Lakewood (Wash.) Police Department

On 11/29/09, four of my partners were murdered in Lakewood, Washington, in an ambush and disarming assault. In the aftermath of this event, I talked with a fellow DT instructor who confided in me that he felt we had failed our fallen officers with the training we had provided them. One of the fallen officers, Sergeant Mark Renninger, served as a DT instructor with us. Mark’s loss, in particular, was difficult for me; he was a mentor and colleague for several years. Between us, my colleague and I have piles of instructor certifications and years of experience on tactical teams, all of which seemed quite meaningless as we had an unthinkable, surreal discussion about whether we had prepared our officers properly for their fatal confrontation with Maurice Clemmons. My efforts as a trainer seemed insignificant next to the fatal velocity of Clemmons’ bullets.

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