Video: Victim's family members attack murder suspect in court

Family members say the brawl was justice for Jessica Rojas, 25

By PoliceOne Staff

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. — Family members of a homicide victim started a courtroom brawl when they attacked the accused killer at his arraignment Monday.

Two people are seen on video going after Jose Santiago as he was brought into the Springfield District Court. Santiago is accused of stabbing his girlfriend, Jessica Rojas, 25, early Saturday morning after celebrating her birthday the night before, Mass Live reported.

Several court officers wrestled the men to the floor and handcuffed them before leading them out of the courtroom.

The victim's 46-year-old father, Edwin Rojas, and Kenneth Soto, 42, were arraigned Monday afternoon, Springfield Police Lt. James Rosso said. Rojas was charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, while Soto was charged with assault and battery on a public employee and disturbing court while in session.

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