Video: Man arrested, struck by Wis. officer

Police will seek criminal charges against DUI suspect who resisted arrest

By PoliceOne Staff

MILWAUKEE — Police say they will seek criminal charges against a DUI suspect who resisted officers during a videotaped arrest Thursday.

In the video, the officer commands the suspect to "stop resisting" and strikes him twice in the head. Police said Jeffrey Strasser was driving without headlights, ran a stop sign and refused to get out of his black Lamborghini.

"Strasser was taken to the ground as officers removed him. One officer delivered focused strikes to gain compliance," according to a police statement.

Strasser's attorney Bridget Boyle said there is not enough information to decide whether a lawsuit is appropriate, WISN reported. But she claims the officer acted wrongly.

A police spokesperson said an internal review showed no wrongdoing, and the officer will continue regular patrols.

The district attorney is reviewing the case. Police will pursue charges of drunk driving and resisting arrest.

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