Video: Naked 'ninja' evades cops, takes TASER hits

A man continued to fight officers after they attempted to subdue him with a TASER

New York Daily News

INDIANAPOLIS — An Indiana man went on a naked rampage, attacking police as they tried to taser him — and it’s all caught in a video released last week.

The footage, which was posted on LiveLeak Friday, shows David Martin walking down the middle of the street in the buff and punching people during a violent night-time frenzy in Indianapolis on May 20, according to Fox 59. Police responding to the scene attempted to subdue the 27-year-old with a stun gun, but the shock had no effect on Martin, who continued to fight the officers with karate-like kicks.

"This guy's like a ninja, man. Holy s--t!" an unidentified narrator says during the clip.

Full Story: Indiana man's naked 'incense' rampage caught on video

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