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Close-Quarters Combat

Close-Quarters Combat

The Close Quarters Combat topic covers defensive tactics and techniques for hands-on confrontations with suspects. News about the close-in battles between police officers and dangerous suspects, as well as tips, columns, and expert opinion on preparation for the assault, as well as for the inevitable legal battles that follow, are presented here.
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Video: 3 officers hurt in arrest of Pa. man

One officer suffered a neck injury and two others had cuts and bruises after a struggle on a Philadelphia street - Full Story


Elbow Combat Tactics Secure - Login Required

Kevin Dillon demonstrates how to perform an elbow set which can be used as a combative exercise. Elbow sets can be helpful during violent physical encounters.
Elbow Combat Tactics


Video: Ground position weapon retention

Most fights in law enforcement invariably end up on the ground. In this video tactical tip, Tony Lambraia... - Full Story Secure - Law Enforcement Only


Ex-Texas officer says he didn't kick suspect

Andrew Blomberg testified that he didn't kick Chad Holley's head or neck during the March 2010 arrest - Full Story


Video: Officers scrutinized for Bronx arrest

Michael Warren says surveillance video contradicts the version of the story told in official police records - Full Story


Watch the shoulders

The subject's shoulders will always move either in preparation or on delivery of an attack. Try... - Full Story Secure - Law Enforcement Only


Video: Takedown from a blockout

In today’s video tactical tip, Tony Clarke and Robert Gianino of RFLX Tactical demonstrates some... - Full Story Secure - Law Enforcement Only


Charging the bullet: A scientific evaluation of our tactics Duane Wolfe - The Warrior's Path

Charging the bullet: A scientific evaluation of our tactics

In 2011, law enforcement saw a surge in officers killed by gunfire and an even bigger increase in of... - Full Story

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Close-Quarters Combat Columnists

Be Advised... Be Advised...
with Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief
Developing Better Training Developing Better Training
with Lt. Kevin Dillon (ret.)