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Close-Quarters Combat

Close-Quarters Combat

The Close Quarters Combat topic covers defensive tactics and techniques for hands-on confrontations with suspects. News about the close-in battles between police officers and dangerous suspects, as well as tips, columns, and expert opinion on preparation for the assault, as well as for the inevitable legal battles that follow, are presented here.
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Video: The 7 locks of the Sudden Assault Response System

In this video tactical tip, Henry Brettrager — the founder of the Sudden Assault Response System,... - Full Story Secure - Law Enforcement Only


Two cops vs. one MMA fighter

Two police volunteers square up against an MMA fighter on the final day of a survival tactics training course.


Violence erupts between police and man at airport

Footage of a struggle involving airport police and a man in Hong Kong.


Throwback: 'Defense Tactics' circa 1960

A 1960 FBI hand-to-hand combat training film.


Man with machete taken down by police

Police take down a man wielding a machete.


Best knife defense video ever

A hilariously over-the-top police training video regarding knife defense tactics.


Drunk suspect kicks officer

Footage of an intoxicated man kicking an officer and the subsequent take-down.


Drunk man punches cop, gets knocked out

As police in Russia attempt to control a rowdy group of intoxicated men, one of them sits on the officer's patrol vehicle. As the officer pulls him off of the car, the man takes a swing.


Police brawl caught on camera

Footage of a fight between Detroit police and two brothers inside of a diner. The siblings, who have been charged with assault and battery on a police officer, obstruction of justice, and resisting arrest, are currently fighting the charges, claiming they are the victims.


Thwarting an attack: Flipping the off-duty switch to 'on'

Thwarting an attack: Flipping the off-duty switch to 'on'

Corporal Justin Rogers was at the airport on his way home from a relaxing week with his family in Hawaii when in an instant — like a switch turning off and on — he recognized a situation about to escalate. - Full Story

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