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Close-Quarters Combat

Close-Quarters Combat

The Close Quarters Combat topic covers defensive tactics and techniques for hands-on confrontations with suspects. News about the close-in battles between police officers and dangerous suspects, as well as tips, columns, and expert opinion on preparation for the assault, as well as for the inevitable legal battles that follow, are presented here.
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October 16, 2014

Fundamentals of the knee strike

In this video tactical tip, Joseph “Little Joe” Ferrera discusses and demonstrates some of the fundamentals you should be using whenever you have a situation in which you use a knee strike either as a distraction to gain some type of control hold, or as a higher-level of combative to end a physical confrontation.
September 26, 2014

Escaping the Mount Using the Forced Bridge Secure - Login Required

In this video tactical tip, Fletch Fuller of ISR Matrix International — alongside demonstration partner Ray Price, also of ISR Matrix International — talks about how you can solve the problem of an attacker whose mounted position is such that you’re unable to immediately buck him or her off of you with a typical bridge technique.

August 22, 2014

Defending yourself when you're unarmed Secure - Login Required

Defending yourself when you're unarmed
August 15, 2014

Drills to practice elbow strikes Secure - Login Required

In this video tactical tip, Diana Rathborne of the Minnesota Kali Group — alongside demonstration partner Peter Hedrick of MPI Protective Services — demonstrates a set of drills you may use to develop your elbow strikes with a training partner.

August 08, 2014

Using the 'Trap and Stun' technique Secure - Login Required

In this video tactical tip, Joseph “Little Joe” Ferrera discusses and demonstrates two ways in which you can trap an adversary’s hand in high guard in such a way as to enable you to deliver a brachial stun. Be advised that this is part two of a two-part video tactical tip, so you may want to also review part one, in which “Little Joe” shares his technique to strike to a violent offender’s brachial plexus to stop their attack in it’s tracks.

June 27, 2014

Video: Defending against a straight punch

In this video tactical tip, Diana Rathborne demonstrates some techniques to defend against a straight punch.
June 20, 2014

Video: Using the brachial stun technique Secure - Login Required

Brachial Stun Technique (Joe Ferrera)
April 18, 2014

S.A.R.S. Technique: Escalating Use of Force Secure - Login Required

In this video tactical tip, Henry Brettrager — the founder of the Sudden Assault Response System, commonly known as SARS — discusses the “how and why” the system works, and demonstrates the several applications of the technique, from a very low level of force, all the way up to a very, very high use of force.
March 14, 2014

The first phases of a handgun takeaway Secure - Login Required

The First Phases of a Handgun Takeaway

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