Barry Reynolds, Leadership, Management, and Policing

Barry Reynolds Leadership, Management, and Policing
with Barry Reynolds

Barry Reynolds is an author, instructor, and the owner of Police Leadership Resources and the website. Barry retired from active law enforcement with over thirty years of experience, including fourteen years of supervisory experience. Barry is a certified instructor with the International Association of Chief’s of Police in the prestigious Leadership in Police Organizations Program, the flagship leadership development program of the IACP. Barry is an independent instructor with the Wisconsin Department of Justice, teaching leadership to law enforcement officers statewide. He writes extensively on issues related to leadership and management in law enforcement agencies. 

Barry hold’s a Master of Science Degree in Management and is a Certified Project Manager. He is a graduate of the Law Enforcement Executive Development Institute and the IACP’s Leadership in Police Organizations (LPO) Program. He is an adjunct professor with the University of Phoenix and has been an instructor and presenter at state and national training conferences. His police leadership website,, has a growing audience of law enforcement leaders from the United States and has had visitors from over 4o other countries. 

During his active law enforcement career Barry served as both a patrol and investigative supervisor, and also held positions as the 911 Communications Supervisor and Field Training Unit Supervisor. As detective supervisor, Barry coordinated an eighteen-month investigation with the U.S. Marshals Service that led to the fugitive capture of Wisconsin’s Most Wanted Sex Offender. Through his expertise in policy and program development he wrote the department’s Recruit Officer Field Training and Evaluation Program, which has been used as a model field training program by other police agencies. He also wrote an extensive investigative response plan for responding to incidents of missing and abducted children, and created and trained a departmental investigative response team specifically for missing children investigations. His investigative and training manual was later approved for publication by the Department of Justice and the Wisconsin Attorney Generals office and is available to all law enforcement officers in the state. As a recognized expert in the field, Barry was selected by the Wisconsin Department of Justice to serve on the committee that created the Wisconsin Child Abduction Response Team Program. He later served as the coordinator of the police department’s Neighborhood Officer Program and led the development of the department’s Strategic Policing Plan.  

Upon his retirement from active law enforcement, the City of Middleton, Wisconsin issued a Proclamation in his honor for his distinguished career of public service. His career accomplishments included two Outstanding Service Awards, an Exemplary Performance Award, the Department Award for Bravery, and the State of Wisconsin Amber Alert Award for the successful recovery of three abducted children. 

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