Frisk like you mean it

August 11, 2010

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Betsy Brantner Smith Survival Insights
with Betsy Brantner Smith

Tip: Frisk like you mean it

A friend recently reminded me of something we should all be mindful of: If you are going to frisk someone, do it like you mean it. Don't let yourself be "detrained" by this routine event.

When you’re involved in a pat down or a frisk, don't just wave your hands over someone or skim their clothing. Get them controlled, get yourself in a solid, tactical position, and then frisk them properly and safely

Do it like you mean it, every frisk, every time!


About the author

Sergeant Betsy Smith has more than 30 years of law enforcement experience, retiring as a patrol supervisor in a large Chicago suburb. A graduate of the Northwestern University Center for Public Safety's School of Staff and Command and a Street Survival seminar instructor for more than 9 years, Betsy is now a speaker, author and a primary PoliceOne Academy consultant. Visit Betsy's website at

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