"Little stuff" can make a huge difference

February 02, 2009

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Tip: "Little stuff" can make a huge difference

In one of the many incidents detailed in Chuck Remsberg's book, Blood Lessons, an officer involved in a major traumatic incident shared what he felt was the most supportive thing a fellow officer did for him after his incident and the least supportive.

The least supportive: "One of the supervisors who responded to the scene immediately walked up to me and asked, 'Did you have your hat on?' Those were the first words out of his mouth to me. Not, 'Are you OK?' Just a question about my hat. That really bothered me."

The most supportive: "One of the backup troopers quietly put his hand on my shoulder in a half hug. That small move comforted me tremendously. It reassured me I was going to be all right and that I had the support of my fellow officers."

Remember, after a major incident, "little stuff" can make a huge difference!

For more tips on how to help a traumatized officer, read the special series, 20 tips for helping a traumatized officer.


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