March 23, 2006

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Mike Williams, TeamOne Network Local Cop News
with Mike Williams, TeamOne Network

Mike Williams' 03.23.06 local cop news

Tennessee: Questions linger over police shooting. Shelbyville family says man was celebrating.

Oregon: Man Dies after Police Use Taser. Witnesses say the 46-year-old white male was yelling, speaking gibberish, foaming at the mouth and running into traffic on Sandy Boulevard Monday afternoon. When police arrived, they tried to take him into custody. He was just floundering. They tried to get him over, but he didn't want to go over. “He stayed on his stomach. They wanted him on his backside to see how his mouth was, cause he was foaming so bad at the time," witness Mark McEldery said. (Indicators that this is a high risk individual and EMS should be asked for so at least they are in route to the scene if the person has medical problems. High risk position for positional asphyxia. Is your department doing enough training and re-training on identifying and dealing with this condition? If not you had better start because IT WILL become an issue down the road somewhere).

Texas: Dallas police on Tuesday said friendly fire is to blame for the injury an officer suffered during a SWAT team drug raid at a home in Oak Cliff home on Feb. 16.

Florida: Attorney seeking unedited hospital security tapes in Taser death.

Arizona: The Arizona House gave preliminary approval Tuesday to a proposed ballot measure that would provide legal immunity to law enforcement officers for using "police tools" on people who are committing felonies. Proponents say police tools include handcuffs, guns and other items used to stop suspects. Opponents said the proposal was meant to protect Scottsdale-based stun-gun maker Taser International Inc.

Minnesota: Minneapolis squad car caught in crossfire.

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Mike Williams is the Assistant Chief of the Chattanooga TN police department and a 33 year law enforcement veteran. He was a SWAT officer for more than 25 years and teaches Tactical Team Commanders Courses for Team One Network  Asst. Chief Williams is a member of the IALEFI Board of Directors ( ) and is chairman of the editorial committee. He also produces the daily Police Related News electronic newsletter which goes out to over 2,000 police officers in the US, Canada, Australia and South Africa on a daily basis and the weekly IALEFI newsletter.

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