January 19, 2004

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Shawn Hughes WMD and Bomb Disposal Issues
with Shawn Hughes

New Book - Weapons of Mass Destruction Awareness Guide by PoliceOne Columnist Shawn Hughes

In the post 9/11 world, the number of questions greatly outweigh the number of answers about the issue of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Many people would like to purchase WMD gear, but aren't sure what to get. Others have purchased gear, but have no training in their safe use. Many believe rumors and guesses about WMD Agents and their effectiveness, some of these coming from those that are newly sworn to protect us. In my new book I put the rumors to rest, answer these questions and more.

A 12 year veteran Police Officer and Bomb Technician, I realized the need for civil WMD training long before 9/11. Amassing a large amount of WMD-related information from many sources, including the US Military, post 9/11 I responded to the need to share it with First Responders and Prepared Citizens.

I am the author of WMD articles in S.W.A.T, Police, the Police Marksman, Tactical Response and other national magazines, a PoliceOne.com Columinst, and Lead Instructor for WMD and Explosive Operations at Tactical Response, Inc. (www.warriormindset.com), the result is The Weapons of Mass Destruction Awareness Guide. Also known as the Green Book by it's distinctive green binding, it is an excellent first book or latest reference guide on WMD.

In this book, the reader or student can learn:

  • Scientific principles for WMD
  • History of the use of WMD
  • How to Select Personal Protective Gear
  • How to Correctly Don Gear
  • How to Detect WMD Use
  • How to Protect Against WMD Agents
  • Decontamination Issues
  • The Truth on Used,Surplus, and Expedient Protection Systems
  • Basic WMD Agent Listings
... and more, all in an easy to understand, "low tech" approach.

I understand that this item may be a little beneath some peoples' level of training, but you may have a friend or loved one that needs 'ramped up' on the subject. For families, think of the book as the WMD answer to the home medical guide; not something to study, but to use to look up when problems occur or questions arise.

For Instructors, it is a GREAT base reference text, every core skill and knowledge base is in the book.

Purchasing information:
The book is being considered for use by two national civil preparedness organizations as an adopted text as we speak, but you can order yours today from Amazon.com:

About the author

Shawn Hughes is an often controversial veteran Patrol Officer and Bomb Technician who now works for a Federal agency, but still consults for various agencies and private corporations when he isn’t writing or teaching. His articles have been published in three countries on two continents. He's written for the majority of law enforcement publications in the US, including the NTOA’s Tactical Edge, the IABTI’s Detonator, SWAT, Police, and others. His second book, on obtaining a job in Law Enforcement, is out now, with a third on lock technology in development. He can be reached at srh@esper.com .

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