Tim Buchannan, 10-8 The Comic

Tim Buchannan 10-8 The Comic
with Tim Buchannan

Tim “Buchannan” is the artist behind 10-8 The Comic, a fictional comic strip detailing the daily encounters and experiences of Officer Sam Boyde of the “Freeway Patrol.” 10-8 The Comic focuses on the lighter side of police work and the often hilarious encounters that patrol officers encounter day in and day out on the beat. 10-8 The Comic began as a project to bring occupation-based humor to law enforcement officers after a difficult call or shift. While comic strips may be based upon extremely exaggerated true stories, 10-8 is entirely fictional. Any resemblances to actual events, individuals, or agencies are purely coincidental. Check out Tim's archives of past comic strips here and "Like" 10-8 The Comic on Facebook.

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