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The Police Communications topic provides news, analysis, tips and info on issues such as D-Block reallocation, interoperability, the 700 MHz public safety broadband spectrum, and 800 MHz narrowbanding deadlines and wireless communications devices.
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Md. police fill gaps in radio coverage

NICK SHIELDS, SUN REPORTER Copyright 2006 The Baltimore Sun Company For Baltimore County police officers... - Full Story


Common language is the key to achieving better interoperability Deputy Chief Eddie Reyes - Communications Interoperability
- Sponsored by
Cisco Systems

Common language is the key to achieving better interoperability

By Capt. Eddie Reyes Sponsored by Cisco Systems Last month I mentioned that one of three basic interoperab... - Full Story


St. Louis police want to text-message alerts about child abductions

By Michael Shaw Copyright 2006 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Inc. Carriers in program The wireless carriers... - Full Story


LAPD creates a blog, but hasn't gotten an earful yet

By ANDREW GLAZER Associated Press Writer LOS ANGELES- Welcome to the blogosphere, chief. And "good luck... - Full Story


New Orleans 911 radio grant ran into dead air

By Gordon Russell, Staff writer Copyright 2006 The Times-Picayune Publishing Company Two years before... - Full Story


California to map sex offender homes with GPS

By SAMANTHA YOUNG Associated Press Writer SACRAMENTO, California- California plans to map the homes of... - Full Story


LAPD starts Internet blog

Patrick McGreevy, Times Staff Writer Copyright 2006 Los Angeles Times All Rights Reserved Never at a... - Full Story


NYPD crime center tracks suspects in 'real time'

By TOM HAYS Associated Press Writer NEW YORK- After an armed bandit held up a pizza joint in Manhattan... - Full Story


Aerial-imaging becoming responders tool

By BEN DOBBIN AP Business Writer Low-lying Cessna 172s fly in grid patterns over major cities, capturing... - Full Story


Arlington, Texas, warns tourists with 'high crime location' sign

The Associated Press Arlington, Texas- Tourists in one Texas town may encounter an unusual sign: a flashing... - Full Story

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