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The Police Communications topic provides news, analysis, tips and info on issues such as D-Block reallocation, interoperability, the 700 MHz public safety broadband spectrum, and 800 MHz narrowbanding deadlines and wireless communications devices.
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January 01, 2013

Crowd Control – Basic Team Formations Secure - Login Required

In this segment, Mike Janin illustrates practical team formations that will provide efficient communication lines during a crowd management response.
Crowd Control – Basic Team Formations
November 15, 2012

Connected Public Sector: Being There in Every Situation

Cisco® solutions understands the world is changing, and is adapting to that change with scalable, long term, real-time solutions made possible through technology. As governments of today face a variety of challenges, new and innovative approaches are being implemented by deploying cloud and mobility solutions to overcome these challenges in a collaborative and timely manner.
August 07, 2012

TEA Headsets at SHOT Show 2012

The Invisio S-Series gives tactical operators certified ear protection and situational awareness in one. The unit picks up on existing radio systems, but with a sleeker look.
July 06, 2012

Wear the Comfortable, Reliable and Innovative Nighthawk Bluetooth While on Duty

Potential use of force scenarios demonstrate the mobility and clear communication of the Nighthawk Bluetooth wireless microphone from Ear Phone Connection. No uniform alterations, no wires and no wear and tear make it an easy addition to daily duties. Features a Torpedo ear bud for all-day comfort.
June 13, 2012

GSMK Cryptophones from ESD America

GSMK's secure cryptophones offer sophisticated voice encryption with hardened operating systems to prevent attack from malicious software. Get more information.
May 15, 2012

Tactical Audio SWAT Demo

Demonstration of Chameleon SWAT Kit from www.EarPhoneConnect.com
January 31, 2012

Emergency Radio Traffic - Training under Stress Secure - Login Required

How do you revert to training while under stress? The radio call is important, and discussed here.
Emergency Radio Traffic - Training under Stress
November 01, 2011

Betsy Brantner Smith: Dispatcher Safety and Survival Secure - Login Required

A person might one day enter a police station, see a uniformed dispatcher, and try to do harm to the department. Have a plan of action ahead of time.
Betsy Brantner Smith: Dispatcher Safety and Survival
October 21, 2011

HipLink - Toronto Police Service Video

Video highlights the increased efficiency in communication through HipLink.

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