Community Policing

Community Policing

The Community Policing topic covers efforts by law enforcement agencies and officers to partner with other branches of local government as well as non-governmental organizations (NGOs) such as churches, non-profit community groups, private businesses, to reduce crime and increase the quality of life for law-abiding citizens.
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January 12, 2016

NY officers deliver baby on highway

A woman was sitting in the front seat with the baby's head crowning - Full Story
January 12, 2016

SC lawmaker would prohibit 'predatory policing' policies

Rep. Justin Bamberg wants to prohibit law enforcement agencies in the state from setting traffic ticket quotas - Full Story
January 12, 2016

LA County supervisors to vote on sheriff's department oversight commission

Those who have been retired from law enforcement service for at least one year may be qualified for a position - Full Story
January 12, 2016
Video: NY officers save 6 residents from burning apartment complex

Video: NY officers save 6 residents from burning apartment complex

The dramatic rescue has the officers being praised as heroes - Full Story
January 11, 2016

Wis. officers inspired by 9-year-old boy recovering from cranial gunshot wound

A bullet from a .22-caliber handgun entered 9-year-old Joey’s left frontal lobe near his eye from point-blank range - Full Story
January 08, 2016

The Up-Beat: Cops help homeless, rescue infant, save dog

Check out this week's round-up of inspiring stories from around the country - Full Story
January 08, 2016

How should mental health issues be handled by police?

One case study in Mass. sheds light on the difficult decisions facing police when dealing with mental health issues - Full Story
January 04, 2016

#WhyIServe: How one cop is building trust with the Hispanic community

Deputy Ricardo Cueva’s work as a member of the King County (Wash.) Sheriff’s Office is a prime example of the impact cops can have in their community - Full Story
December 31, 2015

Times Square on New Year's to be 'safest place in the world'

Police Commissioner William Bratton said there were no credible threats to the city ahead of the holiday - Full Story
December 31, 2015

Las Vegas police boost security for holidays

It's not a first-of-its-kind request for the destination, but it's getting extra emphasis this year - Full Story

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