Community Policing

Community Policing

The Community Policing topic covers efforts by law enforcement agencies and officers to partner with other branches of local government as well as non-governmental organizations (NGOs) such as churches, non-profit community groups, private businesses, to reduce crime and increase the quality of life for law-abiding citizens.
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Ferguson police present initiative, seek to restore trust

Ferguson police present initiative, seek to restore trust

The Ferguson neighborhood policing program calls for teams of officers to be assigned to a specific area - Full Story


Minn. residents get to know cops over coffee

The event gave members of the public the chance to ask questions, voice concerns and get to know officers - Full Story


Rapid Response: GI Joe suicide scandal gives public Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief - Be Advised...

Rapid Response: GI Joe suicide scandal gives public "one more reason to hate us"

When one cop is found out to be dirty, it besmirches the badge for the 99.99 percent of officers out there doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reasons - Full Story


Why officers should train for autism

Giant Steps Autism Training Specialist Susan Hamre talks about why officers should train for dealing with individuals on the ASD spectrum.


Video: 4 Pa. cops injured breaking up fight between students

Officers were attempting to break up a fight after school when things escalated - Full Story


Cops grab valuables from unlocked Conn. cars to deter thieves

The department said they are going to try something new in their policing district - Full Story


Va. police use iPads to translate

The Sheriff's Office recently purchased two iPads and downloaded Google Translate onto them - Full Story


Texas PD responds to racial profiling claim, says cops stopped woman for 'safety'

Dash cam footage of the encounter has viewers split on why woman was stopped - Full Story

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