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Crowd control: cuffing with flex ties Secure - Login Required

Crowd Control expert Mike Janin demonstrates an effective technique for cuffing with multiple flex ties.


Throwback: 1962 'Tear Gas in Law Enforcement'

Produced on behalf of the Lake Erie Chemical Corporation, this 1962 police training film demonstrates crowd control tactics through the use of tear gas.


Escape from a Strangle Secure - Login Required

In this video, Lt. Dan Marcou demonstrates how to escape from a strangle and gain control of a subject. He also covers what to do when things don't go as planned.


Gatekeeper Training: Control Tactics for the Backup Officer Secure - Login Required

In this video, Flint Roufs and Christopher Johns of Gatekeeper Training, discuss the role of the backup officer and how the right kind of training can improve how effective a backup officer is in reducing the chaos of a scene.


Ron Avery: Trigger Control Secure - Login Required

In this video, Ron Avery of the Practical Shooting Academy, discusses the "heart of shooting" - trigger control. Avery delves into the two principles of trigger control and how these principles work together to improve the control you have over your firearm.


Kevin Dillon: Multiple Suspect Control in Close Quarters Secure - Login Required

Kevin Dillon demonstrates how to control multiple suspects and control threats in close quarter circumstances. He explains how to develop a mechanical motion and come in from different angles and positions in order to fit close quarter engagements.


Dan Marcou: The Lost Art of Manual Control Secure - Login Required

Lt. Dan Marcou demontrates how to use the "front compliance" technique and how to make it more powerful. Understanding the mechanics of the technique can make for much more successful moves when trying to cuff a suspect.


Redman: Crowd Management Hard Squads Drill

A demonstration video of how RedMan Training Gear provides superb protection, durable wear, and excellent mobility for use in dynamic law enforcement training scenarios like crowd and riot control.

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Tactical Jaw Control Secure - Login Required

A training video regarding subject control.

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