PoliceOne.com Reaches 40,000 Registered Law Enforcement Officials Worldwide

August 16, 2000

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PoliceOne.com Reaches 40,000 Registered Law Enforcement Officials Worldwide

SAN FRANCISCO - August 17, 1999 - PoliceOne.com, the single, comprehensive resource for the law enforcement community, today announced that it has registered 40,000 sworn law enforcement officers since the site launched in October.

Dedicated to serving the needs of law enforcement officers in a completely secure environment, PoliceOne.com is the one place where officers can go for their content, community and commerce.

PoliceOne.com is the most secure and all around best Web site that I've ever seen for law enforcement, said Tim McCarthy, Chief of Orland Park, Ill., and former special agent wounded during the Reagan assassination attempt. My colleagues and I use it on a regular basis to obtain a variety of information that makes our jobs easier and our streets safer.

PoliceOne.com is endorsed by leading organizations such as the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, the National Tactical Officers Association and the International Association of Women Police.

We have entered into a strategic partnership with PoliceOne.com and endorse it as an excellent site for law enforcement that offers the most valuable tools for tactical officers, said Larry Glick, executive director, National Tactical Officers Association PoliceOne.com's special section dedicated to tactical officers provides a wealth of useful information as well as an online community to discuss important issues.

PoliceOne.com Registers 40,000 Users Worldwide

PoliceOne.com provides a number of free services to registered law enforcement officials, including:

Briefing Room - daily news and updates, free personalized e-mail, law enforcement special reports, event listings and access to research, information and statistics.

Investigations - Searchable PoliceNetwork, yellow pages, directory of hate groups and investigation, mapping and crime tools.

Products - Officer product reviews and rating system, comprehensive product company directory, and product descriptions.

Training - Online academy of credited college courses and certified training, articles on the latest training techniques.

Chat sessions and Message boards - Weekly chat sessions on topics of interest as well as a number of message boards for specific areas of law enforcement are available on the site.

Job Search - Free job listings for departments, career advice and job search information for officers.

Off-Duty - Support and counseling for officers and their families, sport news and entertainment.

Specialty areas - SWAT, K9, Narcotics, Forensics, female and minority officer special sections with the latest news and information as well as officer interaction.

To register for PoliceOne.com, sworn law enforcement officers can log on to www.policeone.com/registration and submit their information in a completely confidential, secure setting. Following registration, officers will receive a confirmation notice that includes a unique user name and password to ensure that they have access to the site.

About PoliceOne.com

PoliceOne.com is the only comprehensive, secure law enforcement Web site where more than 40,000 registered members go for their content and community. PoliceOne.com provides industry-specific information that makes life easier and safer for law enforcement officials while also saving them significant time and money. PoliceOne.com is committed to forming strategic partnerships with law enforcement organizations promoting charity, diversity and training. Industry partnerships include the National Law Memorial Officers Fund, the National Tactical Officers Association and the International Association of Women Police.


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