Video: Texas inmates rush guards, escape

Inmates Trent Archie and Davis McLeskey were recaptured 3 days after June 28 escape

By PoliceOne Staff

HUNTSVILLE, Texas — Three camera angles caught the brief escape of a Houston inmate last week.

Watch as inmates Trent Archie and Davis McLeskey appear to talk on the phone while officers watch on. Their heads are kept low, and it was later admitted McLeskey talking to anyone, according to ABC.

Detectives said the inmates were waiting for a staged fight to erupt in the jail, according to Click2Houston. They knew the officers would open the door to try to break up the fight.

When a male officer opens the door the two inmates rush into the booking office. They punch and kick three officers, and Archie slips through the door to freedom.

The rest of the escape isn't seen. Archie went through another door and ran into a waiting car, according to reports. McLeskey was immediately recovered. Archie was captured three days later.


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