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The Corrections topic covers the duties performed by Sheriff’s Departments and other police agencies that straddle the line between patrolling the streets and guarding inmates in correctional facilities, county lock-ups, prisons, jails, and courthouses. The stories, tips and expert opinions in this section touch on all things related to barbed-wire fences, cells and people who’ve been convicted of crimes.
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November 03, 2015

Va. police use iPads to translate

The Sheriff's Office recently purchased two iPads and downloaded Google Translate onto them - Full Story
November 02, 2015

Obama wants to help former inmates successfully re-enter society

Without new laws, Obama is limited in what he can to do to stop the cycle of incarceration - Full Story
October 25, 2015

Early release: Who the drug felons are and where they'll go

On Nov. 1, over 6K drug felons will be released in effort to reduce 'harsh' drug laws - Full Story
October 22, 2015

Tenn. law enforcement leaders call for end to mass incarceration

The group has called for reduced prison sentences and alternatives to incarceration for nonviolent offenders - Full Story
October 20, 2015

Civil suit alleges abuse at Chicago police detention center

The lawsuit filed in U.S. District court in Chicago names the city and a half-dozen officers as defendants - Full Story
October 08, 2015

Video: SC flooding victims thank officers who saved their lives

The officers revived a woman they found dead after drowning in flood water - Full Story
September 16, 2015

Sandra Bland case could be sent to grand jury

The Texas Rangers' investigation findings would be turned over to a district attorney, then submitted to a grand jury - Full Story
September 15, 2015

Video: Tenn. suspect grabs officer's gun, takes hostages

Newly released video shows how a suspect went from the back of a squad car to taking a room full of people hostage - Full Story

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