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Courthouse Security

Courthouse Security

The Courthouse Security topic covers the latest in tactics and technology used to keep courtrooms safe during legal proceedings. Some stories involve bailiffs, marshals, and deputies, but others may focus on trial media coverage. Whether the seats in the courthouse are occupied by gang members or a victim’s family members, the courtroom is a tinderbox ready to be set alight when the judge or jury reaches a verdict.
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From serious to hilarious: Video of a sovereign citizen has it all Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief - 10-43: Be Advised...

From serious to hilarious: Video of a sovereign citizen has it all

Beyond the pure comedic value of the smug activist being TASERed, we have got some really good topics for discussion - Full Story


Video: Smug activist TASERed outside courtroom

Man said he is exempt from most laws due to his political beliefs - Full Story


Courtroom suicide: Man took cyanide after verdict

Toxicology tests show that a convicted arsonist who collapsed in court had poison in his system - Full Story


Video: Man 'swallows pill,' dies after court verdict

Deputies investigating whether Michael Marin put something in his mouth that led to his death after verdict was read - Full Story


Video: Inmate fights deputy in Ky. courtroom

Suspect briefly escaped custody and attacked a deputy, but quick action by court officers ended the brawl - Full Story


Musical magazine prompts Idaho courthouse evacuation

A bomb squad sent a robot into the building to handle the package - Full Story


Video: Mich. deputies end courtroom brawl

Oakland County Sheriff’s deputies worked quickly to try to restore order - Full Story


Hostages in Texas courthouse shooting 'refused to be victims'

Hostages in Texas courthouse shooting 'refused to be victims'

Workers trapped inside the building helped to disarm man and let SWAT officers inside - Full Story


Suspect arrested in Wash. courthouse attack

Man left sheriff's deputy with a gunshot wound and a judge stabbed - Full Story

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