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CCDAE: Applying sound tactical principles to 'routine' situations Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief - 10-43: Be Advised...

CCDAE: Applying sound tactical principles to 'routine' situations

Officer Ian Cooley of the San Jose Police Department says it’s better to be a ‘problem finder’ prior to any potential incident, as opposed to a reaction-based ‘problem solver’ after something jumps off - Full Story


Cover Management Drills Secure - Login Required

Cover Management Drills - Tony Lambraya


Using Vehicles for Cover Secure - Login Required

Betsy Brantner-Smith talks with Senior Sig Sauer Academy Instructor J.C. Corbett about how (and how not to) use your vehicle for cover during a potential firefight, including some common pitfalls.


Reality Training: Kansas City Park Shooting Secure - Login Required

Watch how officers exhibit model contact and cover communication after a suspect shot directly at them in a Kansas City Park.