Adler School of Professional Psychology

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About Adler School of Professional Psychology

The Adler School is founded on community psychologist Alfred Adler’s concept of social interest: Our health resides in community life. Our mission is to continue Adler's pioneering work by graduating socially responsible practitioners, engaging communities, and advancing social justice. All degree programs train students in methods of providing psychological services to impact social policies, address community issues and solve social problems.

Our Institutes engage students, faculty, staff and communities in advancing social justice through community-based outreach education and research. The Institute on Public Safety and Social Justice promotes socially just policies and practices within the justice system, including current work with law enforcement and community partners in correctional facilities and in high-crime neighborhoods, developing initiatives to combat root causes of youth and gang violence. The Institute on Social Exclusion builds alliances with community, state and national organizations to ensure communities have safe housing, quality education and healthcare, fair employment terms, nutritious food, personal safety, and judicial equity.

All program curricula and training prepare students to engage communities and advance social justice throughout their academic and professional careers.