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About Boston University

Boston University launched the Master of Criminal Justice (MCJ) online program in 2002. Since then, more than 1000 MCJ students have earned a specialized education by graduating from our world-class institution. Experience the personal and professional satisfaction that comes with having your resume reflect one of the most trusted names in higher education.

The Faculty Focus for BU’s Master of Criminal Justice
Our faculty purposefully delivers a broad education that studies emerging issues and teaches foundational theories. The immersive curriculum is applicable to various segments of criminal justice, supporting a range of career opportunities and making you more marketable in the field. For the criminal justice system to work cohesively, leaders need a vast understanding of all the related roles and responsibilities. You’ll get that level of perspective here.

Education is a powerful change agent.
So are highly educated criminal justice professionals.
Boston University offers degrees in 250 fields of study. To get an idea of how much BU values the criminal justice profession, consider that the Master of Criminal Justice was the first fully online degree introduced by the University. We brought our academically rigorous program online more than a decade ago, knowing it would open doors for working law enforcement professionals and advance the profession beyond our borders. Join the ranks of other highly motivated criminal justice professionals who choose BU MCJ and gain access to one of the world’s top universities.

The Coursework in BU’s Criminal Justice Program
Whether we’re discussing the need for stronger transnational partnerships or tighter gun control laws or the escalating threats of cyber-crime, we challenge you to think critically regarding crime and justice. We teach you how to think strategically about the latest developments in the field, so that you can respond with new ideas that are immediately applicable. Join us and put your BU education to work.

The Reality of Today’s Criminal Justice Profession
The 21st-century criminal justice system is more interdependent than ever before. Each of the professional areas (cops, courts, corrections) needs a better understanding of one another’s challenges. The strength of our BU curriculum is that we develop well-rounded and well-informed professionals who go on to exercise their decision making with a refined level of discretion. As the criminal justice system becomes more complex, leaders need an outward perspective that understands the far-reaching implications of every decision.