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CSI / Forensics

CSI / Forensics

The CSI / Forensics topic provides up-to-date information about technology, science, history, law, and strategy of of CSI and Forensics teams. Analyzing soil samples, lifting fingerprints, comparing DNA samples, and other forensics work is not like fictionalized creations on TV and movies.
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DHS developing facial-scanning technology for police

The testing of the technology is still in "early stages" and isn't expected to be ready for several years - Full Story


FBI reopens 1964 kidnapping case after DNA testing

DNA testing proved a man thought to be a couple's son returned to them after he was kidnapped is of no relation - Full Story


DNA links Boston Strangler suspect to last victim

Albert DeSalvo admitted to killing Mary Sullivan and 10 other women in the Boston area between 1962 and 1964 but later recanted, he was later killed in prison - Full Story


Major development in Boston Strangler case

Advances in DNA technology have allowed investigators to link suspect Albert DeSalvo to the last victim - Full Story


Bullets from drive-bys lead police to Wash. murderer

Over 4 weeks, detectives uncovered a gun purchase, ballistics evidence and car damage that linked a suspect to the shooting - Full Story


Pa. police purchase high-tech imager

The unit uses ultraviolet light instead of powder to detect fingerprints and other evidence - Full Story


New tech at the center of U.S. v. Rigmaiden case Tim Dees - Police Tech & Gear

New tech at the center of U.S. v. Rigmaiden case

A federal court opinion illustrates why police need to educate judges on new technology - Full Story


DNA on beer cans leads to NY robber's arrest

A burglar's decision to knock back a couple of beers during a break-in at an upstate New York home led to his arrest - Full Story


Autopsy: UK soldier died from cuts, stab wounds

Autopsy: UK soldier died from cuts, stab wounds

Lee Rigby, 25, was first struck by a vehicle and then attacked by two men near his barracks, suffering multiple incised wounds - Full Story


Cold case arrest prompts cross-country probe

Authorities in numerous jurisdictions in California, Florida, Kentucky, Missouri, Louisiana, Texas, Georgia, Mississippi and Ohio are looking for ties to one man - Full Story

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