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Ala. Principal: Let students hurl canned food at intruders

School principal is asking students to bring cans of food such as corn and peas as a way of fighting off a school intruder - Full Story


Combining ethics, tactics and technique in VNR Jack E. Hoban & Bruce J. Gourlie - The Ethical Warrior

Combining ethics, tactics and technique in VNR

A defensive tactics instructor from a major police department requested our opinion regarding the vascular neck restraint - Full Story


How to deal with a bad day

Coach Bob Lindsey of Verbal Defense & Influence talks with PoliceOne Editor In Chief Doug Wyllie about techniques officers can use to get through a bad moment or a bad day.


Throwback: 'Defense Tactics' circa 1960

A 1960 FBI hand-to-hand combat training film.


Best knife defense video ever

A hilariously over-the-top police training video regarding knife defense tactics.


Empty Hand Knife Defense (POSA) Secure - Login Required

The purpose of this program, featuring Ralph Mroz, is to familiarize officers and command staff abbot the trends in active shooter/terrorist events, help them understand the nature of emerging threats and suggest pals and training that will minimize the loss of life in these events.
Empty Hand Knife Defense (POSA)


Verbal Defense & Influence Trains Officers to Keep Cool

Verbal Defense & Influence trains officers on listening and keeping situations calm.


Spear System - Sudden Attack Secure - Login Required

Tony Blauer demonstrates in detail several effective techniques for countering close-quarter attacks as an officer.
Spear System - Sudden Attack


Cop protects First Amendment

A video on a police officer defending the First Amendment.


Drill Combinations Secure - Login Required

Learn how to defend against punching attacks with these effective drills demonstrated by martial arts instructor Diana Rathborne.
Drill Combinations

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