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Combining ethics, tactics and technique in VNR Jack E. Hoban & Bruce J. Gourlie - The Ethical Warrior

Combining ethics, tactics and technique in VNR

A defensive tactics instructor from a major police department requested our opinion regarding the vascular neck restraint - Full Story


How to deal with a bad day

Coach Bob Lindsey of Verbal Defense & Influence talks with PoliceOne Editor In Chief Doug Wyllie about techniques officers can use to get through a bad moment or a bad day.


Throwback: 'Defense Tactics' circa 1960

A 1960 FBI hand-to-hand combat training film.


Best knife defense video ever

A hilariously over-the-top police training video regarding knife defense tactics.


Empty Hand Knife Defense (POSA) Secure - Login Required

The purpose of this program, featuring Ralph Mroz, is to familiarize officers and command staff abbot the trends in active shooter/terrorist events, help them understand the nature of emerging threats and suggest pals and training that will minimize the loss of life in these events.


Verbal Defense & Influence Trains Officers to Keep Cool

Verbal Defense & Influence trains officers on listening and keeping situations calm.


Spear System - Sudden Attack Secure - Login Required

Tony Blauer demonstrates in detail several effective techniques for countering close-quarter attacks as an officer.


Cop protects First Amendment

A video on a police officer defending the First Amendment.


Drill Combinations Secure - Login Required

Learn how to defend against punching attacks with these effective drills demonstrated by martial arts instructor Diana Rathborne.


Figure Four & Straight Arm Bar Takedown Secure - Login Required

Diana Rathborne demonstrates the straight arm bar takedown to the figure four, beginning from a control position.

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