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March 06, 2012

Identifying and Dealing with Excited Delirium

An expert in excited delirium talks about what to do when you get a call involving someone in the heightened state. First and foremost, get medical attention, he says.
July 05, 2011

Reality Training: Understanding excited delirium Secure - Login Required

Excited Delirium is a medical problem but law enforcement is often called first due to the individiual's violent and irratic behavior. In this video, Dave Smith explains protocol when dealing with these types of calls.
Reality Training: Understanding excited delirium
June 07, 2011

Jerry Staton: Excited Delirium: Signs and Preparation

Dave Smith and Jerry Staton discuss the signs and symptoms of excited delirium. Staton provides specific guidelines on what to expect, and the importance of working with multi-disciplines to manage the response.

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