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Drug Interdiction / Narcotics

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Drug Interdiction / Narcotics

Drug Interdiction / Narcotics

The Drug Interdiction / Narcotics topic covers all aspects of drug enforcement, from highway or border interdiction to undercover infiltration into gangs or drug cartels. Drug smugglers are constantly evolving their concealment techniques and are growing in their boldness, so law enforcement must work even harder to stay one step ahead. From marijuana and crack cocaine to prescription pills and heroin, this topic covers it all.
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Ind. department to get heroin antidote from grants

Officers reported good results after using the medicine, which blocks heroin from reaching receptors - Full Story


NY police save rapper DMX after opiate overdose

First responders were able to revive the rapper after he was found lifeless outside a hotel - Full Story


Del. police use nasal version of naloxone funded by grant

It is believed that the new NARCAN Nasal Spray could make a life-saving difference - Full Story


Video: Handcuffed Okla. suspect steals cruiser containing K-9 during stop

The suspect moved the cuffs from his back to the front of his body, hopped in the driver’s seat and took off - Full Story


Police save lives in Va. town with naloxone grant

Training was also included to teach how to administer the drug, how to store it, protection from civil liability - Full Story


Police grants: What's being federally funded in 2016? Denise Schlegel - Secrets to Getting Police Grants

Police grants: What's being federally funded in 2016?

Here's a summary of federal funding in 2016 for law enforcement agencies - Full Story


Lessons from the SDHPD: 5 considerations for developing a marine patrol unit Duane Wolfe - The Warrior's Path

Lessons from the SDHPD: 5 considerations for developing a marine patrol unit

The San Diego Harbor Police is a shining example of what a marine unit can be - Full Story


California Senate backs bill to slow medical marijuana bans

As a result, dozens of cities seeking to preserve local control over pot have rushed to enact bans on marijuana growing - Full Story


Mass. city awarded state Narcan grant to help out police

Taunton is one of more than 30 cities and towns slated to receive upwards of $50K - Full Story


Audio: Drug traffickers get high, call cops on themselves

The traffickers were travelling with 20 pounds of marijuana when they got paranoid - Full Story

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