Video: Chilling dash cam shows Ark. cop's close call

An officer found a gun pointed at him along a highway in Pine Bluff

By PoliceOne Staff

PINE BLUFF, Ark. — An officer assisting in a call of a suspect who allegedly shot four people — one fatally — found a gun pointed at him upon arrival at the scene, dash cam shows.

"The guy standing right in front of him had a gun," Lt. Robert Rawlinson of the Pine Bluff Police Department told KATV. Courtney Lewis, 26, pulled the trigger on the side of the highway near Pine Bluff.

Luckily for the officer, who has not yet been identified, the gun was empty. Such a close call, however, emphasizes how different — and deadly — the encounter might have been.

"If it had any bullets left in it, he'd have probably shot through the window of the police car," Rawlinson said.

Lewis' string of shootings is characteristic of suspects high on PCP and cocaine, police said. The drugs are associated with violent crimes.

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