Drug Interdiction / Narcotics

Drug Interdiction / Narcotics

The Drug Interdiction / Narcotics topic covers all aspects of drug enforcement, from highway or border interdiction to undercover infiltration into gangs or drug cartels. Drug smugglers are constantly evolving their concealment techniques and are growing in their boldness, so law enforcement must work even harder to stay one step ahead. From marijuana and crack cocaine to prescription pills and heroin, this topic covers it all.
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April 21, 2015

Justices: Traffic stop cannot be extended to bring in K-9

Supreme Court said police may not extend a traffic stop to seek evidence of crimes unrelated to the offense that prompted initial stop - Full Story
April 20, 2015
Fla. man high on 'flakka' fights cop, has sex with tree

Fla. man high on 'flakka' fights cop, has sex with tree

The man ran naked through a neighborhood, ripped TASER probes from his skin, and punched a cop during his arrest - Full Story
April 19, 2015

Denver police issue dozens of citations at pot events

"We'd prefer not to be buzzkills this 4/20 weekend. Consume responsibly, and designate a sober driver now" - Full Story
April 17, 2015

Colo. law enforcement switches message to safe pot use

The revised campaign starts this weekend, when tens of thousands are expected at public rallies and concerts in observation of 4/20 - Full Story
April 17, 2015

Officials investigate after Md. man dies in custody

Witnesses said the officers acted professionally in taking down the man Thursday night as he cursed at police - Full Story
April 16, 2015

Drug strategy agency mixing health, safety proposed in NYC

An advisory council would include police, health officials, social services providers and former drug users - Full Story
April 15, 2015

Fla. cops grapple with insidious new drug

'Flakka' has been involved in a number of recent incidents in the state - Full Story
April 15, 2015

PCP found in body of teen fatally shot by Chicago cop

City Council is scheduled on Wednesday to decide whether to approve a settlement of $5M to suspect's family - Full Story
April 10, 2015

Video: 'Anonymous' releases names of NJ cops following in-custody death

Attorney believes drugs caused suspect's death, not the use of a K-9 and other force in the March 31 incident - Full Story
April 09, 2015
Seattle attempt to keep addicts out of jail shines in study

Seattle attempt to keep addicts out of jail shines in study

First-of-its-kind program is called Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion - Full Story

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