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Drug Interdiction / Narcotics

Drug Interdiction / Narcotics

The Drug Interdiction / Narcotics topic covers all aspects of drug enforcement, from highway or border interdiction to undercover infiltration into gangs or drug cartels. Drug smugglers are constantly evolving their concealment techniques and are growing in their boldness, so law enforcement must work even harder to stay one step ahead. From marijuana and crack cocaine to prescription pills and heroin, this topic covers it all.
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December 09, 2014

SC man sentenced for shooting at cop over seat belt violation

21-year-old man was ordered to serve 25 years in prison for shooting at police after he ran from a state trooper in 2013 - Full Story
December 08, 2014

Ill. man in custody after DEA agent struck by car

Special agent suffered a head injury and a broken leg when he was hit by a suspect's car - Full Story
December 05, 2014

Video: Arrest attempt turns to brawl in Texas drug raid

One suspect bit a deputy as DEA agents conducted an operation, leading to a scuffle - Full Story
December 05, 2014

Mother of Ariz. man shot by police: Case not about race

Suspect killed Tuesday by cop who mistook a pill bottle for a gun demonstrates the challenges agencies face at a time of unrest over police tactics - Full Story
December 02, 2014
Mennonite working with drug cartel gets 15 months

Mennonite working with drug cartel gets 15 months

Unlikely alliance involved a group of pacifist Mexican Mennonites growing tons of pot and working with a notoriously vicious cartel to ship it across border - Full Story
December 01, 2014

Researchers developing breath test for pot

Researchers at Washington State University are working on a breath test to determine if a driver is under the influence of marijuana - Full Story
November 29, 2014

Man linked to 'French Connection' heroin ring nabbed again

The French Connection was the major supplier of heroin to the U.S. until police busted it up in the '70s - Full Story
November 29, 2014
Calif. jails see surge in drug smuggling

Calif. jails see surge in drug smuggling

Drug smuggling is up at many county jails and one reason, sheriff's officials say, is that some parolees are getting arrested just so they can try to sneak narcotics behind bars - Full Story
November 28, 2014

Cops: Woman drops cocaine baggie in Pa. police station

Woman being cited for public drunkenness accidentally dropped a baggie of crack cocaine on the police station floor - Full Story
November 24, 2014
Iowa woman locked up after locked out of home

Iowa woman locked up after locked out of home

Woman who was locked out of her apartment has been arrested after officers who helped her regain entry found pot plants and drug paraphernalia inside - Full Story

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