Drug Interdiction / Narcotics

Drug Interdiction / Narcotics

The Drug Interdiction / Narcotics topic covers all aspects of drug enforcement, from highway or border interdiction to undercover infiltration into gangs or drug cartels. Drug smugglers are constantly evolving their concealment techniques and are growing in their boldness, so law enforcement must work even harder to stay one step ahead. From marijuana and crack cocaine to prescription pills and heroin, this topic covers it all.
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August 14, 2015

Wash. state trooper dies of heart attack

The trooper was investigating a report of an illegal marijuana grow - Full Story
August 13, 2015
Texas cop fired for shooting college athlete may face charges

Texas cop fired for shooting college athlete may face charges

Police will complete their criminal investigation and then case will be turned over to district attorney - Full Story
August 11, 2015

Report: Woman shot by DC cop took PCP, yelled ‘I’m ready to die’

The arrest affidavit has revealed information about the officer-involved shooting of a knife-wielding woman - Full Story
August 11, 2015

Off-duty Fla. LEO finds $12M worth of cocaine while fishing

An officer went fishing on his day off and ended up discovering a massive amount of drugs - Full Story
August 10, 2015

Mo. woman tries to smuggle heroin to inmate through kiss

She planned to pass heroin balloons from her mouth to an inmate at the state prison, but instead swallowed them - Full Story
August 08, 2015

NYC sees surge in synthetic pot use, with dire consequences

The harsh side effects have authorities already grappling with how to deal with unstable suspects - Full Story
August 07, 2015

No charges against LEOs in Md. stun gun death

Evidence shows suspect was intoxicated with synthetic drugs sold illegally as 'bath salts' - Full Story
August 05, 2015

Mass. police reach out to drug dealers on Facebook

Authorities have found a new way to possibly make arrests via social media - Full Story
August 04, 2015

Ky. sheriff's office asks drug dealers to turn in their rivals

A new poster going viral tells drug dealers it will help them eliminate their competition for free - Full Story
August 03, 2015
Manhunt intensifies for cop killer in Memphis

Manhunt intensifies for cop killer in Memphis

Suspect fatally shot an officer after he interrupted a drug deal that would have resulted in a misdemeanor - Full Story

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