Drug Interdiction / Narcotics

Drug Interdiction / Narcotics

The Drug Interdiction / Narcotics topic covers all aspects of drug enforcement, from highway or border interdiction to undercover infiltration into gangs or drug cartels. Drug smugglers are constantly evolving their concealment techniques and are growing in their boldness, so law enforcement must work even harder to stay one step ahead. From marijuana and crack cocaine to prescription pills and heroin, this topic covers it all.
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October 08, 2015

House bill would cut prison time for some offenders

Republicans and Democrats have come together to propose major legislation that would reduce prison sentences for some nonviolent drug offenders - Full Story
October 03, 2015

Lawmakers propose creating online registry of drug dealers

Advocacy groups said creating a registry is unfair to people who have already served time for their crimes - Full Story
September 29, 2015

Authorities seize $30M worth of heroin in NY

Authorities say they found 22 bricks of powdered heroin in a concealed compartment of a suspect's trunk - Full Story
September 28, 2015

Marijuana bundle drops from sky, slams into Ariz. home

The family found roughly 26 pounds worth $10K - Full Story
September 24, 2015

Texas department seizes cartel’s Corvette, names it 'Coptimus Prime'

The department has a new vehicle in their fleet - Full Story
September 24, 2015

2M synthetic marijuana packets seized in NY bust

Police say the drugs, commonly referred to as K2 or spice, were found pre-packaged for sale in laundry bags - Full Story
September 21, 2015

Police: Booby trap explodes near marijuana grow; man injured

Several booby traps were set to protect a large marijuana growing operation in Detroit - Full Story
September 21, 2015

State police posts collecting expired, unused prescriptions

Michigan State Police posts across the state are serving as collection points for expired, unwanted or unused prescription drugs - Full Story
September 18, 2015

NY cop dies of heart attack during search for grow operation

Eric Meier was hiking in a rugged, remote area searching for a marijuana grow operation when he fell ill - Full Story
September 14, 2015

Man mistakenly texts Fla. narcotics cop for drugs

A man looking to buy and sell drugs accidentally texted a police captain in the local department’s narcotics unit - Full Story

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